Top 5 College Basketball Players for the 2016-17 Season

The 2016/2017 college basketball season has some great players that are about to take the court. There are some players with great potential that are set to play and will instantly get the attention of both fans and pro scouts.

.1 Isaiah Whitehead from Seton Hill

Whitehead scored 26 points in a title game and is very quick on his feet. He won the MVP for the big east tournament and can take over a game in no time. He scores an average of 18 points a game and has improved drastically from the previous. He is a player to keep an eye on. He is 6’4 inches. He has returned to college another year to put the finishing touches on his game and is predicted to be the number one player in all of college basketball.

.2 Grayson Allen from Duke

Allen was the first shooter off the bench to make a difference in the 2015 title game. He is an NCAA all American. Hopefully his antics will be in check this season so his mouth does not take away from his playing skills. At 6’5 he has no trouble shooting the ball. He is a real threat to the defense and has been working on the his shots. He is returning this season to prove to everyone that watches college basketball he is one of the best players in the sport.

.3 Harry Giles from Duke

Giles played for the Oak Hill Academy before heading to Duke. He is 6’10 and 230 pounds. In addition to being tall he has a 7’3 inch wingspan and can get even some tough shots in. While he is only 17 he is already getting the attention of coaches as well as professional scouts. While he is a freshman he has the talent to be a starter. It is even predicted Giles will be in the 2017 draft. While he is overcoming an injury Giles is still predicted to have a great season in college basketball.

.4 Josh Hart from Villanova

Hart is a defending national champion. It looks like he plays the game effortlessly. He makes 51% of all baskets that he shoots and has talent on defense as well. He is looking to help his team win another championship game.

.5 Dillion Brooks from Oregon

Brooks had a great season last year and is able to play both offense as well as defense. He is someone to keep an eye on and is a Pac 12 POTY favorite for the upcoming year. He stands at 6’6 and has been working on his three point jump shot. This will make him an almost unstoppable player and will be tough to face off against.
These are some of the best players to play college basketball. With this talent this seems to be a good season and will allow the fans to see a lot of on court action. They all have talent and they have the potential to make it to the NBA in the near future.